Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Imperial Victory!

I can't actually say how long it's been since I achieved victory with my Imperial Guard. Their losing streak is roughly years long at this point but tonight they pulled it together and made the win happen!

So here's the army list built for 1000 points:


Company Command Squad
No Upgrades


Platoon Command Squad
No Upgrades

Heavy Weapons Team w/ 3 lascannons
Heavy Weapons Team w/ 3 lascannons

Special Weapons Squad w/ 3 sniper rifles
Special Weapons Squad w/ 3 sniper rifles (I actually forgot I had taken 2 squads of these guys and didn't field the second squad by mistake. D'oh!)

Infantry Squad w/ Autocannon
Infantry Squad w/ Autocannon

Veteran Squad w/ 3 meltas and chimera
Veteran Squad w/ 3 meltas and chimera


Leman Russ Demolisher w/ lascannon

Doubling up on everything and keeping the special toys to a minmimum actually made me focus on what each squad was capable of and making the most of deployment and orders.

My boys went up against Space Marines who field 2 tactical squads, 1 AC carrying dreadnought, 1 devestator squad w/ missile launchers and a deep striking Terminator HQ unit w/ chaplain.

Highlights from the game were definately the Company Command continously issuing Fire on My Target to my remaining Heavy Weapons and pouring those lascannon shots into that lousy devestator squad. Once the Snipers got into position they were able to benefit from these orders as well.

My infantry squad saw the most damage. On first turn, Alpha squad got a solid Move! Move! Move! and moved up to screen Beta squad. The following turns Alpha absorbed a lot of fire but kept it together while Beta got a steady stream of First Rank FIRE! Second Rank FIRE! I got to say, even the lowly lasgun is a fearsome thing when it gets to double fire. The autocannons in both squad took their toll on those armored bastards. Really MVP squad has to go to Beta who almost singlehandedly took the marines apart while they were sitting on the objective marker.

Beyond that the Demolisher had a heavy hand in taking out his second tactical squad. Once the second chimera made it up to the objective and dropped off the veterans with their meltas, the remaining marines were destroyed.

Simplifying things, finding a more directed approach and making the orders work as best as possible really came together and put a solid Win in my column. Woot-burger!

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