Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fantasy 8th edition and why I don't care

It's not 40k.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell really. I appreciate the beautiful miniatures, I love to see them all in rank and file and I even have a Tomb Kings army primed on the sprue all ready to go but I just can't bring myself to like Fantasy.

Well, Mordheim is pretty cool. I'd totally play that but it's still no Necromunda hahhah!

Rules wise I can get behind a more stratigic game, which is how Fantasy appears to me. Having to be more deliberate in your troop placements, adjusting for things like flanking and having to pay attention to the shape of your formations should totally appeal to me. I love overly-complicated board games, I always have. In fact, Battlemasters from Milton Bradley is one of my favorite boardgames of all time and its basically Fantasy for Dummies!

Seriously, for those who don't know, it's from that magical far away time when Games Workshop and Milton Bradley had teamed up to become an unstoppable force in the boardgaming market, where only deliciousness prevailed such as Hero Quest and Battle Masters and......

Well that was about it really, at least state-side.

Anyways, I played the Warhammer Online MMO and loved it. Until some update caused it to no longer load properly on my pc, then my love for it dwindled rapidly. I put in a game or three of Warhammer Quest, I always loved the look of Man O' War and the whole setting of Fantasy is magnificent.

Especially Blood Bowl!

Possibly it's because I was introduced to 40k first and it was love at first sight, while Fantasy really didn't pop up on my radar until much later. It could be something related to budgetary constraints, where the cost of maintaining my existing 40k armies which all get regular play could not be compromised by adding a fantasy army that only gets pulled out of mothballs occasionally. Maybe it's just cause I had a lot of fun with Hordes and never really looked back at any other fantasy setting. I don't have any serious reason, but it's just not 40k.

However, as I mentioned above there are several offshoots that I like, especially Blood Bowl so I'm thrilled that Fantasy exists if only to provide me with other things I'd rather play. Congrats to all the players out there who do love Fantasy. I hope you enjoy your new version and maybe you can explain to me what the big deal is!

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  1. There are quite a lot of strategic (mainly army selection) and tactical (deployment, movement, and choice of target) options in WFB, especially, when you scratch beneath the surface. Flanking and multi-combats are all important.

    I think what holds it back a little is the somewhat inflexible movement due to the size of the miniatures and relatively small battlefields.

    Stick with your Tomb Kings and get them into battle with some good friends and you'll probably enjoy it more than you think. I find that the social aspect of the game makes a big difference.

    I like your blog and will check back. I'm on your followers list now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

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