Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blood Bowl!

So Blood Bowl finally arrived stateside for the Xbox 360 and while I don't think I'm completely in love, I can definately be talking on the phone with Blood Bowl behind my wifes back.

So it's a basic line for line translation of the board game and that works for me. I've been away from the actual game so long that I've forgotten half the rules but a couple rounds in and it's all coming back. I love playing the orks, but it took a while to figure out how to save your team when you're playing in single player mode. I don't want to complain to much but every other game has figured out an autosave feature......

It's not all the games fault, it did come with an instruction book that I've completely ignored so far.

Graphically it's weak but it gets the job done. There is no way to modify the apperance of your team, or name them, or recolor them so it's always red vs blue. The animations repeat a lot and the camera is lousy.

And yet it's Blood Bowl. It's overpriced, it's graphics lack and I hate not being able to mod my team out but I can't put it down.

If they make a Space Hulk game, I can't pass that up either. Fail for me?

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